Monday, 26 March 2012

Paramore Album research

Paramore's debut studio album 'All we know is falling' (2005)

second album 'Riot!' design as part of two optional front covers (other design can be seen in another post)

Paramore's single album 'crushcrush crush' from the album Riot!

Paramore's third album 'brand new eyes' (2009)

These are Paramore's previous album designs.
The important factor of these albums is that the design includes a consistent Bright colour which is usually the main focus. In 'all we know is falling', the main focus is the bright red sofa, for riot! it is the orange font and for the single track digipak, it is the black and white contrast but also the bright blue colour in the right, bottom corner. For 'brand new eyes', the bright yellow colour of the butterfly is the focus of the audiences' attention. This consistent use of colour creates an overall style for Paramore albums.

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