Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Digipak analysis Riot! Album

Front cover


Back cover

This is Paramore's second studio album Riot! which was released in 2007. The design of this digipak is consistent throughout, with the basic design for the front cover being the same as the back and the Disk. The font that is used for the text is used for each section of the album design and resembles a scribble. This emphasises the sense of chaos, which reflects the title of the album. It also represents the conventions of the rock genre as it follows a black, white and orange colour scheme, which is used often in media texts of the rock genre (particulalrly Kerrang! magazine, music station and radio). The title is written in different sizes many times on the front cover, excluding the larger, orange coloured font of 'Riot!' which seperates it from the background design, drawing attention to the text. The same style is used for the back of the digipak, where the background consists of the title written many times and the song titles written in the same font with the exception of the colour of the text being orange. The websites which are featured on the back (, and fueled by are also in orange to make them stand out so that the consumer notices this as merchandise. To create a consistent theme, the Riot! design is featured on the disk, this is to identify the style of the album as a whole. A recognisable text style is used for the band name on the left side of the album cover, this is so that the consumer can easily identify the band which has produced the album. The image on the back cover supports this as the consumer instantly recognises the band's consistent style together with the conventions of the rock genre, which the band consistently follows.

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